Rideout Legal PLLC


Areas of Practice

Business and Nonprofit Formation and Dissolution 

Whether you want to open a new organization or properly close up shop, there are a myriad of details. Let us handle all the particulars.



contract & commercial transactions  

It’s all in the fine print. Let Rideout Legal PLLC consider all the details, explain the benefits and risks, and negotiate the best deal for you.


Organizations need regular attention to stay on track, especially in a changing legal and regulatory environment. Let the focus of your business be on your unique purpose, and let us find the legal solution to achieve your purpose.


employment & Labor               

For many, our work lives are an integral part of our identity. How this work relationship is shaped affects not only the day to day at work but what is brought home as well. Having Rideout Legal PLLC in your corner in the highly regulated labor market can maximize your role in the employment relationship.